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Home Staging for Real Estate in Rochester NY

Home Staging is designing for the masses.  We create an environment within your home that will attract the right buyers, for maximum profit.  We use our expertise in design to draw your buyers in and create that ‘must have’ quality.  At Set the Stage, we believe it’s our job to open your buyer’s eyes so they can visualize the lifestyle that comes with purchasing your home.
Start with our in-home staging consultation, just $125.
Walking through, we'll give you all the tips and tricks to connect potential buyers to your home. 
Did you know only 10% of people can visualize a space?  You need to show them the MAXIMUM potential of your home and emotionally connect them to it!  We'll show you how..
Need some inspiration now?  Check out our Design Gallery and Before and Afters!
At the end of the consultation, we'll leave you with more information about sourcing local contractors and resources, along with our Open House Checklist and Staging FAQ's.  
Here's a fact!  Taking the screens out of your windows will make your house look super fresh and clean compared to the neighbors.. 
If you're completely overwhelmed and still need us to make the changes for you, we've got your back in STEP #3..
If it's all TOO MUCH, let us do the work.  From shopping for accessories, to a full inventory of furnishings for vacants, and even marketing photos! 
We'll have you ready for sale in no time.  (And nobody will look twice at your neighbor's house) 
Still not convinced you need staging in your life?  Take a look at our Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Staging and get with it!

"Design is thinking, made visual.  Show them." - Saul Bass

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